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I have been wanting to get my life back on track by going to the gym, but I have found that it is incredibly difficult to find the motivation. What are ways that I can make exercise a more fun and enjoyable experience so I will be motivated to go each week?

You're right to question the makeup of the workout and not your motivation itself. There is nothing we can do to make you motivated. For me, I think it is important to recognize whether you enjoy cardio, aerobic, sports, etc. Once you find out which exercises you actually have fun doing, the choice is easy. Do those things!!!

Samantha, getting back to working out will be tough! The key is getting past the 3-week mark of consistent exercise. This will help it become habit and you will eventually begin loving the routineness of your exercise. Just push through!

I appreciate the help! I know that I can't just ask anyone to make me motivated. I guess I was more asking for specific activities or habits I should try at the gym that i may actually find fun or enjoyable so I can feel excited to go to the gym daily. What are some fun gym activities like this??