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Fitness training for flying


Considering I am a desk bound office worker I have a reasonable amount of exercise. I walk up some large hills, fly when I can and get out on my mountainbike. I also do a little indoor climbing. This all stops me from being completely unfit and exercises most bits of my body.However I feel I need to be fitter to cope with a few days in a row of active flying. I typically get sore shoulders and feel that my core strength (stomach and back) needs to be strengthened. When I go on holiday to Chamonix or similar I get lazy after two days as my fitness runs out and I just want to sit in the sun with a beer.I have been wondering what, if anything, top competitors or XC pilots do to ensure they are fit enough to fly for 6 or 7 days in a row. Do they have any particular exercises, do they work on particular muscle groups in a gym, or do people just think that the best exercise for flying is..... flying?

Please help.

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